End of label tape jammed. Please shut off machine!

It’s an absurd situation, but one that’s still common with many labelling units in highly automated packaging lines. While the labelling machines run at ever higher cycle rates spent label tapes are replaced by means of an utterly antiquated method: the machine operator attaches the new label tape to the end section of the unwound tape using a piece of adhesive tape. That costs time and money.

The attachment of the new label tape with an adhesive tape on the end of the unrolled tape is not very easy because the front of the label tape is provided with a silicone layer and the tape does not adhere to this layer. Although a connection can be made on the back of the label strips, it only takes a considerable amount of time. In such tapes, the tape ends have to be glued as impact as possible butt and the protruding edges are carefully trimmed.

Despite the effort, such compounds are not very stable. Especially at the dispensing edge breaks such a connection very often. The result is another annoying loss of time. Because the label tape must now be re-threaded manually by carefully guiding it over the entire deflection rollers and over the dispensing edge. This takes a while! The time required is again increased by the fact that the labeling run with ever higher clock rates and thus daily more and more band changes are necessary. And there are other problems as well.

LabelLink® helps to meet GMP requirements in the Pharmaceutical Industry

In the complicated threading labels are deducted at the dispensing edge, without that they can be placed on a passing pack. On the other hand, it makes the fulfillment of strict traceability and documentation requirements, such as those in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, virtually impossible.

However, who as a supplier does not have precise control over his processes and does not carefully document all developments and changes, he quickly has high claims for damages in the event of problems that lead to product recalls, for example. The intelligent, uninterrupted labeling offered by LabelLink® therefore provides valuable services in meeting Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirements.


Further advantages of LabelLink®