How does LabelLink® work?


Roll change on labeling machines without standstill

Changing the rolls of adhesive labels often requires a long downtime of the labeling machines or even causes the standstill of entire production lines. This can definitely be avoided! The patented LabelLink® splicing system can eliminate cost-intensive downtimes in an elegant way.

The splicing tape will already be affixed to the roll core of the label tape by the manufacturer that prints the labels (Fig. 1).

This will automatically expose an adhesive surface at the end of the paper web in the labeling machine, so that the new roll can be attached in a few seconds only (Fig. 2).

The end of the finished label roll can now be attached onto the siliconized surface of the new label roll in the place of the first label, which merely results in the loss of just one label (Fig. 3).

Despite the splice thus generated, the labeling operations can continue thereafter without any interruption (Fig. 4).

It can be assumed that the use of LabelLink® will save several hours of time a day, especially in the case of machines with high labeling speeds which require a number of roll changes per hour. Not to mention the material saved as well. As compared with all that, the costs of the LabelLink® system are relatively low.

When looking for the manual splice in a matter of seconds only just ask for label rolls with LabelLink®.


Automated solutions for a high labeling efficiency

Apart from that, there is also a fully automatic solution with LabelLink® available for high-performance labeling machines. Verpackungstechnik Jetter GmbH offers a splice head for this practice-proven solution which can be integrated into the labeling system of virtually every machine manufacturer.

Splice head closed – splice head open

Please do not hesitate and get in touch with us for advice, when it comes to implementing the fully automatic splice.