LabelLink® re-defines uninterrupted labelling!

With the fully automated version of LabelLink® uninterrupted labelling is much easier to achieve than for instance with the parallel installation of two label rolls and two dispensing heads which is commonly used today. Such a solution requires a lot of space and energy. After all, the entire technology has to be available twice to allow for the changeovers as needed.

In view of the complexity of modern packaging lines where every square metre of space is at a premium, such parallel installations are practically ‘prehistoric’ technology. The LabelLink® technology and the associated splice head enable uninterrupted LabelLink® in a very small space.

In extensive packaging solutions for large volumes, such as those found in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries as well as in the food processing sector, the fully automatic splice head based on LabelLink® technology is the method of choice for changing label rolls.


Further advantages of LabelLink®