What does LabelLink® bring to me?


LabelLink® saves time, money and space

The material price of LabelLink® is typically recovered just by avoiding scrap labels when rolls are changed. Significant savings can be achieved, depending on the current hourly rates paid and the costs incurred by the user.

When processing 5 million labels per year, label rolls are changed approximately 2,500 times. Based on assessing about 5 minutes for a conventional label change, LabelLink« will yield a reduction of machine downtimes by 200 hours.

Not least, „LabelLink« technology and the associated fully automatic splice head makes uninterrupted LabelLink® possible in a very small space. In view of the complexity of modern packaging lines where every square metre is at a premium, this benefit cannot be overrated. Compared with other solutions involving the parallel installation of two label rolls and two dispensing heads, LabelLink® offers clear benefits in terms of space requirement and energy consumption.


LabelLink® assists in meeting GMP requirements in the Pharmaceutical Industry

LabelLink® also supports GMP-conformant production in the pharmaceutical and medical device technology sectors. When label rolls are changed in the commonly used (manual) manner this frequently entails a cumbersome threading process on the pulley guides of the packaging machine. As a result, labels are peeled off the peel edge without the possibility to place them on a packaging unit passing by on the line. For one, this results in scrap and for the other it makes compliance with the strict requirements concerning traceability and documentation which, for instance, apply to the medical device technology and pharmaceutical industries practically impossible.

Suppliers who fail to have complete control of their processes and carefully documenting all developments and changes will soon find themselves exposed to the risk of high claims for damages which product recalls for instance entail. Therefore, the intelligent, uninterrupted labelling process delivered by LabelLink® provides valuable assistance concerning compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirements as well.